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Who We Are

We are two sisters with a heart for making a real difference in the horse industry. We want to successfully equip our clients and their horses, reduce return customers, and increase the number of people with well-founded horse knowledge.

Our mission, through integrity, is to consistently put horse and owner first, equipping them with confidence in the fearless pursuit of their relationship. 

We stand out by doing what's best for both horse and owner. We consider it a compliment when we don't see the same horse in for training year after year; it means we did our jobs well in sending that horse and his owner on their way toward a fruitful, enjoyable and successful relationship. 

In the round pen, our main focus is the horse himself. We solely allow the horses we train to determine each and every step we take in the process. Kerith will say that we simply, "listen to the horse."

We are mainly self-taught; growing up with horses provided us with a front row seat to learn from them. We also studied under professional trainers including Chris and Sarah Brady, Lauren Barwick, Susan Nelson, Martin Black, Dave Ellis, Kelly Sigler and David Lichman. 

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Jacquelyn was born in Tuscon, Arizona. When she was just over a year old, her family moved to rural New Hampshire, where she grew up. Some of her hobbies include playing the violin, growing plants, and always growing her knowledge of hoofcare and equine nutrition. But she especially enjoys riding with her highly intelligent McNab, Miko, and teaching her new tricks. 

In spring of 2018, Jacquelyn managed the day-to-day operations of a 300-acre off-the-grid horse training facility and ranch in California, gaining extensive knowledge in both mechanical operations and riding. 

Jacquelyn is extremely talented when it comes to creating rein-chain masterpieces, and working with her hands is a gift that she wields with ease and skill. 

She is a dedicated advocate of the horse, and her unique ability to detect even the smallest detail is what sets her apart in this industry. What most people are blind to, she can see in a heartbeat. She is enthusiastic about the history of the bridle horse, and Spanish Vaquero traditions. This passion largely flavors her riding and training approach. 

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Kerith was also born in Tucson, Arizona and grew up in Southern New Hampshire. Her off-the-cuff humor and outgoing personality have proven to engage people and draw them in. She is an accomplished writer, singer and pianist and enjoys long walks with her loyal dog, Ronan.

In the spring of 2016, she interned with professional trainers Chris and Sarah Brady for several months in Ireland and gained extensive experience in the professional training industry.

She is extremely gifted with horses. The ability to read, understand and communicate with them is a sixth sense for her that comes easily and naturally.

She also relates to horse owners in ways that a lot of people cannot. She is talented with the art of training the horse and teaching the human at the same time. The high level of feel and timing she has is not easy to describe or pass on to others, yet this is exactly what she does on a daily basis.

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