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We offer diverse training and horse services. Our ultimate goal is to benefit clients and their horses by equipping them with confidence in the fearless pursuit of their relationship.



Colt starting, tune-ups, behavioral adjustments

We aim to provide you with exceptional training services, so that you don't have to bring your horse back to us again. We consider it a compliment when we don't see the same horse in for training more than once; it means we did our jobs well in sending horse and owner on their way to a more fruitful, enjoyable, successful relationship.


Private and group lessons for all ages and abilities

Kerith has an excellent teaching style that will put you at ease and help you focus on connecting with your horse first and foremost. She can help you relax and engage with practical centered riding theory and will show you simple ways to move forward in your relationship with your horse both on the ground and in the saddle. Her teaching style is natural and eye-opening, and she won't move faster than you or your horse are comfortable with.

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Future equine partner assessments

We offer consultations and thorough assessments to help you determine which horse out there is best for you. Following a complimentary, in-person meeting, we'll dedicate ample time per each allocated day to narrow down a list of horses that match your requirements. You choose your top picks from the list, and we'll evaluate them up close for you. After that, the future is yours. 


Natural Hoofcare

Jacquelyn offers natural hoof trimming for your horses. Equipped with 6 years of experience and an extensive list of hoofcare and equine health learning resources, she can keep your barefoot horses on the right track, or transition them from shod life to healthy barefoot living. She can address other issues including club feet, foundered and laminitic horses and rehab or neglect cases. She offers hoofcare to all breeds of horses, ponies, minis, mules and donkeys. Click the link below to view her full list of credentials.

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Molly's Custom Silver

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